On Tap” is an ever-changing list of the ciders we’ve tried

101 Cider

  • “Cactus Rose” – A unique blend of cactus pear, basil, hibiscus, & lemon peel; tart citrus flavors mingle with the sour apple notes.
  • “Black Dog cider” – a sour cider made from a blend of blood orange, lavender and activated charcoal which imparts black color. Shaking up the bottle ensures a consistent black color when poured and the resulting flavor is fruity and slightly sweet.
  • “SoCal Scrumpy” – a bone-dry, unfiltered, farmhouse cider made with cider apples and quince. The wild yeast fermented cider has traditional barnyard characteristics found in a farmhouse style and is slightly sour.


  • “Cranberry” – a sweet cider with cinnamon slight and tart cranberry flavors

2 Fools

  • “Dry”-This dry cider has a touch of sweetness and a bit of tannin which makes it an easy sipper and good base. The crisp apple flavors come through with a slight bit of acidity on the finish.
  • “Hopped”- Dry + Cascade and Amarillo hops which provide a citrus nose and flavors. The cider finishes with slight tannins.
  • “Tart Cherry”- Dry+ a small amount of Michigan cherries which enhance the clean apple flavors with a bit of robust (but not sweet) cherry flavors.
  • “Rose”- Dry + a small amount of Michigan blueberries which impart a small amount of berry flavor and a heavy dose of color making this cider resemble Rose wine.
  • “Sweet(ish)”- A sweeter version of the Dry. This off-dry cider has smoother tannins and is a good introduction to craft cider for those who are commercial cider fans.

2 Towns Ciderhouse

  • “Alton Field” – Heritage and crabapple cider Brett (i.e. barnyard) nose with tangy and tart apples with a bit of straw flavor & a clean finish.
  • “Easy Peasy” –  tart meyer lemon flavors and a bit of sweetness from raspberry
  • “Ginja Ninja” – Presence of ginger on the nose which is enhanced with the ginger root flavor on the palate. The soft spiciness is complemented perfectly by the apple flavor.
  • “Made Marion” – Pinot Noir like with blackberry and slight tannins
  • “Nice & Naughty” – pronounced cinnamon, nutmeg, &honey flavors. Christmas in a glass
  • “Pacific Pineapple” – ripe pineapple flavors with a clean finish.
  • “Pommeau” –  barrel-aged apple wine made from bittersweet apples. The barrel aging provides dried fruit and burnt sugar qualities which add complexity to the sweet and spirited base.
  • “Sun’s out Sasion” – clean peach and stone fruit flavors.
  • “Two Thorns”- rich tart raspberry flavors shine in this semi-dry cider which has a pleasant drying apple finish.

45 North Winery

  • “Citra Cider” – the Citra hops added some grapefruit notes to the crisp apple flavor.
  • “Hard Chapple” was a nice apple-cherry blend. It was a bit sweet and slightly fizzy. But the apples and cherry flavors melded together nicely and would make for a nice summer sipper.
  • “Paul’s Cider” is crisp and bright with clean apple aromas mixed with a few floral notes. While the cider was back sweetened it still was a pleasant semi-sweet sipper.

Accomplice Brewery

  • “Signature Apple” – semi-sweet with a bit of holiday spic

Ace Cider

  • “Pineapple Cider” – Light golden color with very little head but plenty of bubbles. The aromas are pineapple with slight hints of apple. Flavors are unmistakably pineapple with some apple, especially at the finish. The tartness of the pineapple provides the cider with slight acidity which stays on the palate.


  • “Kinglet Bitter” Dry, sharp apple flavors with a clean finish.


  • “Pirate’s Plank Estate Bone Dry” is a scrumpy style cider made with a blend of bittersharp & bittersweet apples (Scrumpy style ciders can be dry or sweet but are usually still and unfiltered). The apples are aged for 3-4 months in neutral oak (which does not add flavor, rather it is used to soften the cider) with wild yeast. The cider is unfiltered, unpasteurized and bottle conditioned. The resulting cider is bone dry (o% residual sugar), a bit astringent but with a slightly funky finish.
  • “Spark! Semi-Sweet”, a blend of traditional cider apples and heirloom varieties, was an excellent balance of fresh apple flavors, slight acidity, and just a few tannins.

Angry Orchard

  • “Edu” –  a Spanish style cider (i.e., sidra) produced with Yarlington Mill and Dabinett – bittersweet apples which produce a rich, low acid, and mildly tannic juice. The use of the bittersweet apples rounds out some of the bitting notes found in sidras and the resulting cider has rich apple flavors with low acid and mild tannins that impart a drying finish which dissipates quickly.
  • “Newtown Pippin” – wild yeast ferment of the pressed juice, and while the Newtown Pippin is not as sweet as a Granny Smith apple, its mouthfeel is similar and that fleshy flavor is imparted into the cider. The acidity is well balanced and the tannins are low, with a lingering mild green apple aftertaste. The cider’s light (body) features make it a nice pre-dinner drink.
  • “Wooden Sleeper” – This high ABV (>10%) cider is a blend of maple syrup from Crown Maple and Angry Orchard’s bourbon barrel-aged (12 months) Wooden Sleeper (a blend of bittersweet & bittersharp apples) cider. There is a hint of bubbles intermingled with the bourbon apple flavors and the sweetness from the maple syrup plays off the apple adding a bit of depth and richness to the cider.
  • “Tapped Maple” – is a light bodied cider made from a dry cider base of Braeburn, Fuji, Granny Smith, Gala, and Pink Lady apples. Semi-sweet, with light apple and maple aromas, reminiscent of a dutch baby pancake with a fresh, tart green apple finish.
  • “Spiced Apple” includes some bittersweet apples, such as Amere de Berthecourt, Beden, Madaille d’Or, Michelin, and Binet Rouge. This sweet cider has pleasant apple aromas, and the warming spices add to the flavor making it slightly reminiscent of apple pie.


  • “Rose” – tart, tannic, and crisp


  • “Apple Bomb” – dry with rich apple flavors with a bit of acidity.
  • “Ciderkin” – Dry, sour and sharp apple flavors and slightly funky tannic on the finish.
  • “Lagered Cider” – Dry, tart and, sharp apple flavors.

Artifact Cider

  • “By Any Other Name” – Dry, slightly tart, apple flavors.

Aval Cider

  • “Aval Cider” – Slight acidity which comes out when you swirl it. Slightly bitter apple is nicely balanced with a hint of sweetness. Yeast, apple skin, and bubbles linger on the tongue.


  • “Empire” – Honey-like apple flavors with a light finish & mild acidity.

Black Bird Cider Works

  • “Christmas Cider” – Semi-sweet, with warm ginger and cinnamon flavors, a bit of effervescence and apple finish.

Blackman Cider Co.

  • “Dry Rose” – spitzenburg & baldwin + a little Saperavi (a grape from Georgia with structured tannins).Light effervescence and crisp fruit flavors.
  • “Old Orchard Select” – Flinty nose & slightly sour apple flavor

Black Star Farms

  • “Hard Apple Cider” is a semi-dry sparkling cider made from is made from a blend of eight different cider apples.
  • “Hard Apple Cherry Cider” highlights my memories of Michigan cherries. The tart juiciness of the cherries pairs nicely with the crisp apple found in the hard apple cider.

Blake’s Hard Cider

  • “Aurora” – cider infused with rosemary, lemon peel, and hints of peach.

  • “Black Phillip” – blood orange and cranberry cider; The sharpness of the cranberries is balanced out by the sweetness of the orange and apples and would pair nicely with a Thanksgiving turkey.

  • “Fido” – raspberry fermented, grapefruit peel conditioned, and dry-hopped with Chinook and Cascade hops results in tart apple-berry flavors with a crisp, pleasantly bitter citrus finish.

  • “El Chavo” – has nice heat from the habanero and the mangos added a tropical sweetness to the apple notes.
  • ”Santa Rosa” – fermented on plum skins this semi-sweet cider is full of juicy plum flavors with a mellow apple finish.

Blue Toad

  • “Blond” – Sweet, apple juice like with mild acidity and light aftertaste.
  • “Todally Hard Cider Tea” – Slightly spiced &, slightly sweet apple flavors.
  • “Winterfest” – starts out sharp followed by cinnamon, crisp apple, and a bit of cranberry

Brick River Cider

  • “Corner Stone” is a modern semi-dry cider with a slight vanilla nose with light apple flavors, mild acidity, and an effervescent finish.
  • “Homestead” – semi-sweet, unfiltered with floral apple nose with a slightly tart juicy apple flavor.
  • “Brewer’s Choice” – Alsatian hops which imparts lemongrass flavors accented by herbal notes and a slightly drying finish.

Brooklyn Cider House

  • Wild Rose” – dry and tangy with a dark fruit finish

Broski Ciderworks

  • “Dry Cider” (5% ABV) is an off-dry English style cider (think Sancerre) that has a clean apple flavor and slightly tannic finish.
  • “Crisp Apple Cider” (4.5% ABV)  has a floral and apple nose with smooth apple forward flavors with a bit of the acidity on the finish.
  • “Pineapple Cider” which is reminiscent of biting into a juicy pineapple or drinking an Auslese Riesling.

C Squared

  • “Nona” – Green apple candy nose with green apple taste, slight acidity and honey notes. Finishes smooth.
  • “Alma” – A bit of sharpness with very slight drying on the finish.
  • “Ginger” – Lemongrass nose with unsweetened lemonade and spicy ginger flavors along with subtle apples. Finish is crisp and clean.
  • “Ella” – Hopped with Ella & Azacca hops. Herbal green apple nose, citrus flavors imparted from the hops add a bit of depth. The finish is bubbly and bright.
  • “Lila” – Floral lavender nose. Reminiscent of rose and lavender water flavors with very slight apple and smooth finish.

Cascadia Ciderworks United

  • “Granny Smith” – English ale yeast fermentation results in a crisp, astringent flavor and a tart, woodsy finish.

Castle Hill

  • “Serendipity” – Off-dry, a touch of acid and a touch of sweetness, lingering apple flavors on the finish.

Christian Drouin Estate 

  • “Poire” is produced with Plant de Blanc, Muscadet, Tricotin, Avenelle and Poire de Grise. The aromas have a slightly yeasty nose. The poire is sparkling with slight tannins and bright acidity. The finish on the poire lingers on the tongue, due in part to the effervescence which takes a while to die down.


  • “British Dry” – Sweet smelling nose, slightly tart apple flavors.
  • “Peach Country Cider” – The addition of peach to the apple adds a juicy, robust and fruit forward flavor. However, in this fruity cider, the peach complements (rather than cancels out) the crisp apple taste. Nectarous and refreshing, but not sickly sweet; light carbonation and no aftertaste.

Cider Brothers

  • “Pacific Coast Cider Hard Apple Cider with Pinot Grigio” is a unique blend of pinot grigio and hard cider. The blend of wine and cider provides for a unique taste in this semi-sweet cider. This cider has very balanced acidity with flavors of honeydew melon, strawberry and a light apple that linger on the tongue. The apple aftertaste quickly dissipates leaving a refreshing feel in the mouth.

Cider Creek

  • “Black Eyed Peach” – off-dry, juicy peach flavors with a bit of tartness from the blackberry.
  • “Premium Farmhouse” – Reminiscent of a slightly dry apple pie.

Cider Riot

  • “Everybody Pogo” is produced with Hodd River apples and Goldings hops from Willamette Valley.  The dry cider had floral aromas and lemony notes with a slightly ripe apple taste. (2nd side note: When hops are added to cider, citrus/lemon is the typically the main secondary flavor.) There were a few tannins on the finish coupled with a bit of acidity.
  • “1763 Revolutionary” cider is a blend of Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, & Kingston Black apples. A cedar note runs through the cider which has an earthy, apple skin like flavor and finishes with full round tannins.

Cidererie Daufresne 

  • “Poire” -is fermented using a wine yeast which gives it a slightly sour aroma. The poire is blended from several juices Plant de Blanc, Fausset – which provides some sweetness, and Branche – which adds astringency and tannins.

Cigar City Cider & Mead

  • “The Crying Game”, which has cucumber, honeydew, and cantaloupe. This semi-sweet cider is what I think Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon scent would taste like. It has a similar aroma to that scent but is not as sugary as it smells. The melon adds sweetness which is balanced out by the cucumber and apple.
  • “Strawberry Vanilla Dreams” has a strawberry and cream flavor that is not too sweet (think fresh, but not overripe strawberries) and still allow the warmth of the apple flavor to come through providing a nice clean finish. Apple pie cider, which is one of their most popular, is a sweet cider that is reminiscent of apple pie crust.

Citizen Cider

  • “Barrel Aged” – Light apple flavors with hints of oaky maple.
  • “Wit’s Up” – Golden wheat color with light effervescence. Dry apple flavors with sweet yeast undertones. The yeast provides slight funkiness and sourness but does not overpower. The cider has aromas of apples and bright citrus from the yeast. A light, bright apple flavor lingers on the palette making this cider a pleasant drinker.

Colorado Cider Co.

  • “Block One” – A blend of eleven of bittersweet apples from Colorado Cider’s own orchard. This lightly sparkling, slightly hazy, dry cider finishes with the taste of apple skin.
  • “Radl’ah Session Cider” – which has strong citrus notes from lemongrass and lemon balm (think cider lemonade) and lower alcohol content (4.5 ABV).
  • “Cherry Glider” – starts with an off-dry base cider (the Glider) and finished with a slight bit of tartness from the addition of the cherries.

Common Cider

  • “Americana Apple”- Sharp apple accented with rose petal flavors and a crisp finish.
  • “Hibiscus Saison” – Spicy, floral nose, rich apple flavors complemented by dry, berry-rich notes.

Domaine Bordatto Etxaldea

  • “Basandere” – Very deep golden color with slight bubbles when poured. Aromas of sour apples with a bit of herb. This cider is has a pleasantly tart sour musky apple taste with floral notes. The off-dry cider finishes with a slightly acidic after taste.

Down East Cider

  • “Unfiltered” – Semi-sweet, med body, warm, spiced apple flavors.

Dragon’s Head

  • “Heritage Rose” made from red flesh apples with layered notes of berries and watermelon.
  • “Traditional Cider” made with over 20 traditional English and French cider apple varieties aged for 1-2 years resulting in a bittersweet cider with a nice balance of spice, tannins, and acid on the finish.
  • “Perry” is a blend of Taylor’s Gold (juicy and aromatic) and seedling pears. Even with the addition of the sweeter pears, this perry was still dry and astringent with a light pear taste.
  • “Puget Spice Crabapple” is slightly sour and finishes with well structured tannins.

East Aurora Brewery

  • “Loganberry” – bright pink can & bright green cider. Off-dry, bright acidity, with loganberry (blackberry x raspberry) flavors followed by an apple aftertaste.


  • “Speireling Apfelwein” sour with low tannins, low acidity, and dank flavors.


  • Imperial 11° Rosé Cider – Made only from co-fermented apples and red currants to produce a rich, fruit flavored sparkling cider.

  • “Sparkling Dry” -The cross vintage cider made with 50% Kingston Black, 30% heirloom, 20% dessert fruit is aged for one year. The sparkling dry cider is fermented with champagne yeast, which is discouraged before final bottling. The resulting unpasteurized and unfiltered cider is dry, The cider has a deep golden color with a light effervescence. Bitterness and astringency are a result of the use of the Kingston Black apples and it finishes with a slightly fermented taste.

Embark Ciderworks

  • “Imperial Blizzard”. This semi-sweet blend of heirloom apples, sweet cherries, and plums has well-rounded red fruit flavors with a slight apple aftertaste.

Eve’s Cider

  • “Albee Hill” is a complex blend of 2015 fruit. The flavors are slightly warm, with the Golden Russet coming through. The cider has low tannins and acidity, even though there is a slight bite to the finish. Albee Hill has a little more body with roundness from the residual sugar.

EZ. Orchards

  • “Poire”- This pear apple blend has a strong botanical nose and a unique taste of Moroccan spices.

Far From the Tree

  • “Ectoplasm” – Spicy with herbaceous notes and a bit of sweetness from kiwi and apple.

Farnum Hill Ciders

  • “Extra Dry” -The apples are about 50% bittersweet to provide a complexity to the cider – Think Old English without the funk. The cider aims for a bit of sweetness with a long fruity finish. The lack of residual sugar results in a dry cider, but it is very well rounded and smooth due to lower acidity.

Fenceline Cider

  • “Thunderbolt” – a blend of crabapples (sharp) and late harvest fruit (sweet) and a oak finish.


  • “Habanero Cider” – Straw color and almost flat when poured. Spicy habanero aromas hit your nose followed by a slight apple flavor. The flavor profile is very similar to the aromas – habanero apple spice hits the pallet and then lingers on the tongue. The cider does retain some sweetness but is still in the off-dry category. A small glass is good for drinking however this cider is exceptional for mixing.
  • “Solstice Saffron” – rich and herbaceous flavors with a clean apple finish.

Forward Cider

  • “Cuvée Cru” – still, complex, dry, & tannic cider.
  • “Pen Pal” – barrel aging softens the tannins in this dry cider.

Golden State Cider

  • “Brut” – Apples fermented with Champagne yeast. The unflitered cider is bone dry with crisp, complex flavors.
  • “Gingergrass” – A sweet ginger flavor and herbaceous lemongrass complement the clean apple taste.
  • “Mighty Dry”- Off-dry with a bit of sweetness on the nose, clean apple flavors with a hint of acidity.
  • “Mighty Hops” – Citrusy apple flavors with bitterness from the Columbus hops on the finish.

Grand Illusion

  • “Blue Illusion” – blueberry-lavender cider. The off-dry cider is medium bodied with clear apple flavors that are enhanced by the slight berry sweetness and finishes with slightly spicy and lemony notes from the lavender.
  • “Mystic Citra Pineapple Cider”-  is dry hopped with a combination of Cascade and Citra hops. Both Cascade and Citra hops have grapefruit notes, with Citra adding more of a tropical flavor (think passion fruit, mango, and lychee) to the semi-sweet pineapple and apple flavors, the latter of which lingers a bit on the finish.
  • “Street Magic Cider” is hopped with a combination of Citra and Centennial (sometimes called “super Cascade” because of an elevated alpha acid content (i.e., increased bitterness). However, the off-dry cider was not bitter at all. Grass and grapefruit peel are present in the nose and apple flavors are present at the beginning of the sip, followed by a tangy grapefruit finish.

Harpoon Brewery

  • “Hibiscus Cider” – Floral semi-dry apple flavors

Haykin Cider

  • “Summer (Masonville Orchards Seasonal Series)” – has light (but well rounded) apple flavors with slight yeast notes and a touch of acidity.
  • “Early Fall (Masonville Orchards Seasonal Series)”-  The tannins began to increase with the off-dry, medium body cider.
  • “Late Fall (Masonville Orchards Seasonal Series)” -The Jonathan apple (and its cousins) were the most prominent flavors in this cider which had lemon-raspberry notes and a light body.
  • “Winter (Masonville Orchards Seasonal Series)” – The sweetest of the bunch balanced the flavors of the ripe apples with vanilla and a bit of tart bite on the finish.
  • “Esopus Spitzenburg” cider has tropical notes which complement the juicy flavors and slight tannins.
  • “Jonathan” cider (an Espopus Spitzenberg seedling) has fleshy, acidic flavors with a bit of skin aftertaste and low tannins.
  • “Ruby Jon” cider (a Sport of Jonathan) has lemony, juicy apple flavors accented by a bit of stone fruit and slight aftertaste.
  • “Akane” cider (a Jonathan x Worcester Pearmain) is sweeter with some berry notes intermingled with the apple flavors.
  • “Sansa” cider (a Gala x Akane) is semi-sweet with lemon notes, slight acidity, and slight tannins.

Honest Abe Cidery

  • “Independence (a/k/a Civil War) Barrel Aged” cider. This cider produced by aging the Farmhouse Apple – which is a slightly sour, unfiltered cider made from a blend of sweet, tart, and heirloom apples which provide a bit of tannin on the finish – for 9 months in Rose barrels. The aging softens the tannins a bit while retaining a slight earthiness, slight acidity, and lingering aftertaste. There is also slight sweetness and hints of vanilla and oak.
  • “Pineapple” with a pineapple syrup nose is refreshing, not super sweet and reminiscent of a slightly underripe pineapple with apple notes.
  • “Limoncello” is reminiscent of a slightly bitter apple lemonade
  • “Mosaic hopped cider” also imparts citrus flavors to the cider but the apple is more pronounced and lingering.


  • “Dry Cider” – Deep golden color with light carbonation and slight foamy head. Pungent yeasty aromas are the first to hit your nose follow by hints of apples. The taste is similar to the nose. The cider is off-dry with a slight bit of sweetness with tart apple flavors that are accented with sour fermented notes. The cider finishes with notes of apple and light spice.

Houston Cider

  • Rose” – semi-dry with a floral nose with that accents the fresh, crisp, sharp apple flavors.

Infinite Chimp

  • “Dry Hopped Perry” dry hopped with Citra & Nelson Sauvin. Bright acidity with a citrus finish.

Kaneb Orchards

  • “St Lawrence Cider” – Nostalgic applesauce nose with a ripe apple taste.

Lehman’s Orchard

  • “Honeycrisp Hard Apple Cider” – This cider is unexpectantly, but pleasantly, off-dry with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. The honeyed flavor we’ve come to expect from this apple variety is nicely balanced keeping the cider from becoming too syrupy. The tartness of the honeycrisp apple is very present, with notes of peach and a grapefruit finish. Bubbles sparkle on the tongue with a slightly sour aftertaste.

Left Foot Charley

  • “Small Batch Dry” an MI apple blend with some sweetness on the nose followed by a citrus apple flavor.
  • “Relic”- This dry 6.8% ABV cider is made from several Michigan heirloom apples which provide a dry, crisp apple taste with citrus undertones.

  • “Antrim County Cider” – This single origin cider was produced with late harvest apples that were allowed to further ripen off the tree. This stainless steel cold fermented cider has a wonderfully warm, semi-dry apple flavor.
  • “Cunning Ham” is a farmhouse style cider fermented in French Oak and bottled unfiltered. The cider has the dry, tannic flavors that are often found in European ciders.
  • “Perry Hannah” is a perry made from Michigan pears named after the founder of Traverse City – Perry Hannah. The flavors of this cider, which was a limited release available on tap, are reminiscent of ripe juicy pears.

Misbeehavin’ Meads

  • “Prickly Pare” an off-dry cider blended with the creamy-sweet flavors of the Prickly Pear.

Mission Trail

  • “Champagne Style” – semi-dry, bubbly, clean apple flavors.
  • “Plum Jerkum” – rich tart plum flavors with balanced acidity.
  • “Plum Lovin’ Criminals” – made with 100% white plum, dry, tart flavors with hints of tropical fruit.
  • “Porto En Paris” – Williams Pears, aged in Roxo Port Barrels on Port lees; tropical, poached pear, and port.
  • “Santa Lucia Black” – Plumcot Jerkum aged on Black currant for 10 mo. Dry and acidic, Cabernet Sauvignon-like with rich stone and dark fruit flavors.

Nashi Orchards

  • “Barrel Fermented” – Winesaps apples that are fermented in French Oak – which imparts a subtle oakiness with a hint of spice. The cider has soft, round tannins which balance well with the bittersweet apple notes and the finish is clean (with just a hint of the oak).
  • “Island Harvest Perry” – a blend of Shinseki (juicy, sweet, refreshing, crisp like an apple), perry (small and astringent) and seedling (i.e., wild) pears. The resulting perry is fruit forward (due in part to the sweeter pears), but still is dry with a few tannins.

Newtopia Cider

  • “My Darling Clementine” – off-dry apple flavors lightly mingle with the fizzy orange, clementine, and tangerine.
  • “Chai Me a River” – Traditional chai spices are blended with a semi-sweet cider resulting in warm apple flavors and a slightly spicy aftertaste.
  • “Belgium OG” is a barrel aged Cider aged in Chardonnay barrels and fermented with Belgium Ale yeast. The cider has a light citrus flavor and slight acidity. The wine barrel aging imparts some Chardonnay flavors into the off-dry cider.

Nine Pin Cider

  • “Signature” – Herbaceous, slight acidity & mild apple flavors.

North Shore Cider Co.

  • “Beacon Blend” uses a Belgian ale yeast to ferment the juice. The resulting light apple aroma cider has apple flavors mingled with notes of spice and tropical fruit (a feature often found in Belgian Ale).
  • “Split Personality” adds cascade hops which sit with the Beacon Blend for ~1 week. The hops transform the cider, adding slightly bitter citrus flavors (like grapefruit) and a bit more heft (body).
  • “Au Naturel” is fermented using the wild yeast present on the apple. The sulfite-free cider has a funky and yeasty nose with grassy flavors and a lingering apple finish.
  • “Bone Dry ” – is fermented with champagne yeast – the cider still has a touch of sweetness along with peach and slightly toasty flavors that blend well with the apple.

One Tree

  • Caramel Cinnamon was packed with caramelized sugar and spice flavors. If a slightly sweetened apple pie filling were liquefied, it would be similar to this cider.
  • Lemon Basil cider reminded us of a warm (not temperature, but spice) lemonade. The sweetness of the apple melds well with the tartness of the lemon with the basil coming through on the nose.

Original 13 Ciderworks

  • “Original” – semi-dry, rich apple flavors with a slight vanilla flavor.
  • “Deep Blueberry Sea” – rich berry flavors with a bit of tangy from the blueberry.
  • “Strawberry Valkyrie” – Sweet strawberry flavors with notes of apricot and rose water.
  • “Atacama Bone Dry” – clean apple flavors with a lemongrass finish.
  • “Hoppy Daze” – citra, amarillo, huell melon hops slight bitter citrus flavors with an effective tone finish.
  • “Bourbon Barrel Aged Scrumpy” – warm bourbon flavors with rich apple backbone.

Original Sin Hard Cider

  • “Cherry Tree Hard Cider” – The use of heirloom apples and tart cherries gives this cider a unique complexity. The apple flavor is mild and brisk and complements the sharp notes of the cherry. The lower sugar content of both fruits produces an off-dry cider with slight acidity and a fermented aftertaste.
  • “Elderberry” – Very deep purple color with slight bubbles. Berry and apple aromas co-mingle with flavors very similar to the aroma. A bit more elderberry flavor than apple produces a juicy semi-sweet cider.

Pedaler’s Hard Cider

  • “Mango Mimosa” – Nice day drinker, a touch of acidity rounded out by creamy mango flavors and a crisp apple finish.
  • “Hopped Up” – is a combo of Citra and Belma hops making for a slightly citrusy and a bit of berry cider.
  • “Pedalers” – made with champagne yeast, is clean and dry like a freshly picked apple – apple shines.

Portland Cider 

  • “Sangria Cider” – a blend of orange, strawberry, pear, passionfruit, elderberry, and lime. Semi-sweet and the apple flavors stood up well to the six other fruits.
  • “Sorta Sweet” – Golden color with light effervescence. The aromas and flavors are reminiscent of juicy apples. This semi-sweet cider has a slight sweet finish that lingers on the tongue.


  • “Pure Cider” – Sweet, warm apple flavors with a light aftertaste.

Prima Cider

  • “Still”- A 6.9% ABV cider made from 10-15 different heirloom apple varieties. Golden in color this cider packs a sour apple punch making you pucker in a good way.

Ramborn Cider Co

  • “Bourbon Barrel Aged” – still cider with crisp, tangy apple flavors followed by a clean bourbon finish.

Right Bee Cider

  • “Berry Blend” is merlot-like with raisin and currant flavors.
  • “Blossom”- Clean lemon flavors with tartness balanced out with floral cherry blossom for Sav Blanc like qualities.
  • “Clementine” is like biting into an almost ripe Cutie with a hint of cinnamon to round it out.
  • “Dry” – yeasty nose and tangy, astringent apple flavors.
  • “Hopped” – New Zealand Motueka hops adds earthiness and a bit of citrus.
  • “Lime” has bright citrus flavors, low acidity and finishes with a bit of apple.
  • “Melon” a summer sipper, has bright honeydew and sweet pineapple flavors.
  • “My Thai” – Banana sting flavors intermingle with the astringency of the rooibos leaving a slightly drying aftertaste.
  • “Rose” – An off-dry cider with rich blueberry flavors.

Rushford Meadery and Winery

  • “Semi-Sweet” cider which well-balanced crisp blend
  • “Hopped Semi-Dry” which had very muted hops that accentuated the clean apple flavors.

Sanford Orchards

  • “Straw and Oak” – English-style cider is pressed through reed and barley straw before being aged for one year in oak barrels. The resulting cider is not as astringent as English-style cider can be, but there is still a bit of sharpness which is balanced out by hits of slightly sour grapefruit flavors.

Schilling Hard Cider

  • “Pucker Up” – lemon-raspberry infused sour cider with a tart slightly drying finish.
  • “Rhubarb Lumberjack” Acidic, dry, and tart. Rhubarb and apple flavors throughout; similar to an off-dry rose.

Seattle Cider Co.

  • “Basil Mint” –  The golden colored cider has a few bubbles when poured. The flavors are basil followed by a bit a mint and then apple. The use of a blend of conventional (rather than heirloom) apples gives the cider a bit a sweetness and allows the herbal flavors to shine. The cider is low in tannis and has a slightly acidic finish.
  • “Brandy Barrel Aged Wassail” – Beautiful nose with a smooth brandy barrel taste. Light peach notes. (Northman (Chicago) Collaboration)
  • “Gin Botanical” – Golden color; crystal clear when poured with light bubbles that rise to the top.  The cider is bright and lively with fresh and herbal aromas of juniper, cucumber, lemon , and grapefruit. This complex cider has notes of crisp and dry apple intermingled with traditional gin flavors. It finishes dry with a lingering gin aftertaste.
  • “Citrus” – Gold foamy head which dissipates into slight bubbles. Initially, the cider has a pineapple nose but as it warms up the apple notes become more prevalent. The first sip of this dry cider initially results in citrus flavors, especially the grapefruit, are stronger than the apple, but it too comes through as the cider warms a bit. The cider delivers a nice acidity with a clean and crisp finish.
  • “Pumpkin Spice” – The semi-sweet cider has a light wine-like apple taste and hints of pumpkin. The finish is full of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove flavors.
  • “Winesap Rose” – light, dry, tart berry and cherry flavors light with smooth tannins

Shacksbury Cider

  • “Arlo Cider” – Dry, slightly yeasty and sour notes with slightly bitter apple flavors.
  • “Ginger Spritz”. Low alc., spicy ginger, bitter citrus, and crisp apple w/a refreshing acidity. Would also be a good pallet cleanser.
  • “Spritz” – Semi-dry (slightly sweetened with maple sap) with citrus and rose flavors with a touch tannins.

Sheppys Cider

  • “Vintage Reserve Oaked” -Warm and light oak taste compliments the resting apple flavor.

Snow Capped Cider

  • “Magna Pomum” – a blend of bitter sharp and bittersweet back sweetened with gewürztraminer. Dry, clean apple taste at first but finished with a slight sweetness from the wine.
  • “Sour Cherry” has a nice dryness from the cherries which enhance (rather than overpower) the bright apple flavors.
  • “Colorado Peach” has slightly ripe peach flavors intermingled with the apple.

Snowdrift Cider Co.

  • “Cornice Cider” – off-dry, nutty and clean apple flavors, tannic -leaving a dry finish, but balanced acidity.

St. Vrain Cidery

  • “Dry Apple” – serves as the base for all of St. Vrain’s ciders. The dry cider has balanced sweet-tart flavor and the use of Winesap add characteristics that are reminiscent of an off-dry wine.

  • “Dry Chokeberry” –  Chokeberries have an astringent taste but are not as tart as cranberries. The chokeberries also add a bit of tannin and black tea notes to the cider.

  • “Dry Ginger” – This is a unique ginger cider as it is not as spicy as most ginger ciders typically are. The use of Fiji ginger results in a more fruity and tropical cider but still allows the apple and some spice to come through.

  • “Dry Hopped Ginger” – The dry ginger cider is infused with Mosaic hops which enhances the tropical flavors with notes of mango and citrus.

  • “Key Lime” – Whole, shredded key limes are added to the dry apple which adds a juicy, citrusy flavor. The apple and lime balance each other nicely and add a bit of complexity.

Starcut Ciders

  • “Immortal Jelly” – Semi-dry with rich, tart berry flavors and acidic apple finish.
  • “Pulsar” –  The apple flavor is smooth with low tannins and finishes with a bit of bitterness. The slight acidity of this cider and the lingering aftertaste will be familiar to these pinot grigio loves.
  • “Octorock” – semi-sweet cider with low acidity and tannins and apple flavors that linger more on the tongue.


  • “Northern Bastard” – The cider is fruit forward in both the aroma and the taste. The finish is juicy with a few tannins and the acidity lingers a bit on the tongue and the chest.

Stem Cider

  • “A Salted Cucumber” – a Cascade and Citra dry hopped cider, and The Real Dill’s Salted Cucumber Juice. The saltiness helped balance the slight bitterness of the cucumber juice, which added a layer of complexity to the citrus and floral notes of the hopped cider making for a refreshing summer drink.
  • “Chile Guava” Lingering spice that is balanced out by the sweetness of the guava.
  • “Crabby Neighbor” – Light aroma, slightly astringent from the green and crab apples, green grape aroma with a fermented finish.
  • “Real Dry” – Acidic and dry tart apple with slight citrus flavors and an effervescent finish.
  • “Hopped” – Nice mixture of bright citrus and hopped aromas on the nose. On the palate, the cider gives a refreshing burst of tart apple, hops and citrus. A nice starter to introduce a hopped beverage drinker to cider.

  • “Raspberry” – A tart and fruit forward flavor that reminds you of biting into fresh raspberries. Dry on the palate with slight tannins to keep the cider from drinking sweet.

Stoked Cider

  • “Tipsy Buddha” – A bit of sweetness from the matcha green tea followed by sour tang from the yuzu and a clean apple finish.

Stone & Key Cellars

  • “Cherry Pie Apple Cider” – Deep ruby red color with slight bubbles. Aromas of spice and apple are prominent. The flavors include tart cider apples, semi-sweet cherries and pie spices with the cherry and apple being the most notable. While the cider is off-dry there cherries provide a bit of pleasant sweetness.

South Hill Cider

  • “Soundpost Cider” – A dry blend of heirloom and bittersweet apples. Astringent with a bourbon finish and medium tannin.


  • “Sainte Terre” – The cider is very fruit forward with 20% ice cider – which is made from apples pressed in the cold of January – added to the blend. The addition of ice cider amps up the sweetness, but still results in a medium dry cider. The aromatics include a bit of floral and apple notes and there is a slight effervescence of the cider providing enhancements to the juicy apple flavors on the finish.

Sly Clyde Ciderworks

  • “Inkjet” – Semi-dry with a sharp apple nose. Tart blackberry and citrus mingle with crisp apple flavors. Clean finish.

Tandem Ciders

  • “Clear Conscience” – sour nose, sharp, fermented apple taste
  • “Crabster” is super dry cider made from six apples including wild apples and crabapples
  • “Smackintosh” semi-dry a blend of McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, and Northern Spy.

Talbott’s Cider Company 

  • “Grow a Pear” is a Perry back sweetened with Resiling. The perry is off-dry with slightly tart pear flavors and finishes with the slight sweetness from the resiling.
  • “IPC” is an “IPA” style cider. The cider is steeped with several hops and also dry hopped. While this cider contained several hops, Talbott’s was very restrained in the addition resulting in a cider with a crisp and bright apple taste with slight citrus flavor and clean finish.

The Cider Farm

  • “Equinox” adds hops to an English cider apple base which results in a fruit-forward cider which has a bit of softness, reminding us of more of a California sauvignon blanc.

Tieton Cider Works

  • “Apricot” – This off-dry cider (7.0% ABV) has juicy but rounded apricot flavors that don’t overpower the brisk apple flavor.
  • “Sparkling Perry” – A golden color with sparkling bubbles. The pear aromas were very light on the nose. The perry has very tart and acidic pear flavors. And while flavors of pear were present, they were very light (like the nose) and similar to eating crisp pears. The tannins were noticeable on the finish leaving a slight drying sensation on the pallet.

Tilted Shed

  • “American Speierling” – walnut-line, with blackberry and sour apple flavors which lingered a bit on the back of the pallet.
  • “Graviva! Semidry Cider.” -The cider is a 50/50 blend of gravenstein and other cider apples including the rare Nehou, a high-tannin, low-acid French bittersweet originally from Normandy.  The taste of the gravenstein can be described as a crisp, slightly acid with a tart-sweet flavor. These apples melded well with the more tannic cider apples producing a nicely balanced off-dry cider.

  • “Inclinado”, Tilted Shed’s California take on a Spanish Basque sidra, which are often full-bodied with smokey and savory flavors. Sidra can often a bit overly tangy, but this cider, made with gravenstein apples and fermented with natural yeasts in neutral French oak barrels, was a refreshing take on a sidra.

Tin City Ciders

  • “Polly Dolly” – a cider trifecta – cider + rose wine fermented in French oak & Acacia barrels and then dry hopped w/Cascade & Citra. Dry apple with strawberry notes with a citrus finish.

Tuffy’s Cider

  • “Argy Bargy” – English Dry style a bit sour, slightly yeasty finish.
  • “ Hop o’ the morning” – coffee and hoppy notes with a clean finish.
  • “Jamaica Dupre” – Dry, sour black cherry flavors with a slightly floral finish.

Uncle John’s Hard Cider

  • “Apple” – A cider “Prosecco” with a 6.5% ABV and a floral nose. This cider is very bubbly with touches of lemon and citrus.
  • “Lost Orchard” – Semi-dry, light but complex blend of heritage and heirloom apples.
  • “Russet” – A rich golden color with a slight foamy head reminiscent of sparkling wine. The cider has clean apple aromas followed by a bit of yeastiness. The slight tart flavors are nicely balanced by the sweetness of the apple making this cider a pleasant drinker with a faintly drying finish.
  • “Apple Brandy” – The apple provides mellowing notes to the brandy, which, due to its aging in  French and American Oak Barrels, has caramel notes and an oak finish.

Urban Farm Fermentory

  • “Hopped” – Conditioned on cascade hops this 6.8% ABV cider is not overly “hopped” but rather has bright citrus notes that complement the dry apple taste.


  • “Dry” – A nice off-dry blend of heritage apples with a nice fleshy flavor.
  • “Chapman’s Oaked” – Rich, warm apple flavors.
  • “Make It So” – semi-dry cider with apple skin flavors that go into wine like fleshy apple taste. (Exclusive Northman (Chicago) collaboration.)
  • “Totally Roasted Nitro” – Pecan nose and it lingers on the finish along with the slight ripe apple notes.

Virtue Cider

  • “Elder Hall” a great intro to Farm House Style cider. Medium body, dry with sharp, fermented apple flavors.
  • “Southsider” – rich vanilla and apple flavors.

Walkerville Brewery

  • “Argyle Apple”  – semi-sweet with mild apple flavors.

Wandering Aengus

  • “Cellar Door” has high acidity delivers sharp, astringent citrus tinged apple flavors.
  • “Golden Russet” – This single apple variety cider, with its higher ABV (9.8%) has sweet floral notes and clean apple taste.

  • “Wickson Single Varietal” – A deep golden color with medium bubbles. The cider has tart apple aromas and a biting acidity which was nicely balanced by the sweetness of the apple. Flavors of grapefruit also shined through. The body on the cider was very light, but it had a nice citrus finish which lingered a bit on the tongue.

Washington Gold Cider

  • “Golden Delicious” – a semi-sweet refreshing blend

Weidmann & Groh

  • “2014 Speierling” – sweet nose with less sour notes and slightly more tannic resulting in a drying sensation on the upper pallet.


  • “Dry Rose Cider” – Semi-dry apple flavors with a hint of berry sweetness.