What I had at the Northman: June 2016

The Northman in Chicago is one of our favorite new hangouts. Sean and I try to get there at least once a month and we love the environment, the food (including cheese) and of course the amazing ciders. The Northman has such an amazing rotation of ciders that Sean and I will be posting a regular highlight of those ciders titled: “What I had at the Northman”

June 2016

Anthem Tea Cider


I love tea, a lot, by far it is one of my favorite drinks. So I was excited when I saw a dry tea cider on tap. The nose on Anthem Tea Cider is a mix of Rooibos teaand apples. There is a slight bitterness that you get from the rooibos and hibiscus followed by clean apple flavors. The cider finishes with stone fruit flavors and has a slightly acidic finish. The cider also paired very nicely with cheddar cheese.

Wine Lovers Why Drink It: While some wine makers are starting to infuse tea with wines it is not a commonly found flavor. As such this cider reminds me a bit more of a Grenache Rosé which is typically a full flavor rosé with floral aromas such as rose and/or lavender.

Very Good – 8/10

Uncle John’s Raw

Uncle John’s Raw ujraw
is an unfiltered cask aged cider. Cask aged ciders typically have strong sour flavors and this cider was no different. The flavors were similar to sour apple candy without the sweetness and finished with vinergy, acetone notes, similar to a strong Kombucha. This cider will be more of a small glass sipper rather than a larger pour for most cider drinkers.

Wine Lovers Why Drink It: The vinergy, acetone notes are volatile acid flavors that are sometimes found in fine wines, such as a Red Burgundy or Chianti, to add a bit of complexity.

Very Good – 7/10 (But note – if you come across this cider drink it as you would a Kombucha)