Unique Cider Reviews: Cider Brother’s Pacific Coast Cider

Unique cider reviews are dedicated to non-traditional cider styles and combinations.  

Cider Brother’s Pacific Coast Cider Hard Apple Cider with Pinot Grigio is a unique blend of pinot grigio and hard cider

Cidery: Cider Brothers; Lodi, CA
Cider: Pacific Coast
Serving: 22 Ounce Bomber Bottle
Alcohol Content: 6.5 % ABV
Style: Unique cider

This cold fermented cider is made from a blend of five apples including Golden Russet and Granny Smith. 15 % California pinot grigio is added to the cider base in a frost fermentation process.

Appearance and Aroma

The cider is a pale straw color with little to no bubbles when poured. Floral and fruity dominate this cider’s aromas. Like wine ,the cider really opens up when swirled with aromas of rose, strawberry and slight apple.

Taste and Mouthfeel

The blend of wine and cider provides for a unique taste in this semi-sweet cider. This cider has very balanced acidity with flavors of honeydew melon, strawberry and a light apple that linger on the tongue. The apple after taste quickly dissipates leaving a refreshing feel in the mouth.

Wine Lovers: Why Drink It?

This is a very good summer sipper. We tasted this on a cold winter day and it brought welcome visions of sitting on the patio in July. Since this cider is blended with pinot grigio the fresh and fruity flavors will be very familiar to wine drinkers and is a good entry into the not so sweet hard ciders.

Score:  6/10 – Very Good

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