Traditional Cider Review: Sietsema Orange Label

Traditional Cider reviews are dedicated to the ciders that are made with 100% apples.
Cidery: Sietsema Orchards and Cider Mill (Ada, MI) IMG_2013 (2)

Cider: Orange Label
Serving: 750mL bottles
Style: Traditional Cider
Availability: Year-round
During our Grand Rapids, MI road trip we stopped at Sietsema in Ada, MI. We sampled six ciders and bought a couple of bottles of the Orange Label.
The Orange Label is a traditional champagne style cider which has been barrel aged in oak barrels for 3 months. Many barrel aged ciders have been aged in spent bourbon barrels and as a result you typically get a warmer and richer cider. The unique combination of champagne yeast, barrel aging and the plethora of apples available to Sietesma on its working orchard produces a very clean cider with notes of oak.
Tasting Notes
Golden color and very still. Light oak flavors which accent the clean and crisp apple flavors. Slight oak aromas followed by apple notes. The finish is soft and fresh.
Wine Lovers — Why Drink It?
Lovers of lightly oaked chardonnay will enjoy this cider. Lightly oaked chardonnay provides a bit of complexity from the oak, like the Orange Label, but does not overpower the palate with wood.
Score: 8.0/10 – Very Good