Traditional Cider Review: Right Bee Cider Apple

Traditional Cider reviews are dedicated to the ciders that are made with 100% apples.
Cidery: Right Bee Cider (Chicago, IL)
Cider: Apple Cider
Serving: TapCGxEQ-OWcAAUJS8
Alcohol Content: 5.7% ABV
Style: Traditional Cider
Availability: Year-round

I wanted to try Right Bee Cider for a while and had a chance to try it on tap at Kaiser Tiger. I was very impressed by their win in the Sam Adams “Brewing the American Dream” and we will be rooting for them in the national competition this December in NYC. This wife and husband team has crafted a very traditional, off-dry cider – unfiltered with tart cider apples and a touch of sweetness.

Tasting Notes

Very hazy golden with a slight head. Unfiltered with slight aromas of yeast and tart cider apples. The complex apple flavor of the cider is tart, crisp and refreshing. This dry cider is highly drinkable.

Wine Lovers — Why Drink It?

For wine lovers who enjoy yellow apple flavors of a lightly oaked Chardonnay will enjoy this wine. The complexity of this cider is similar to complexity found in a full-bodied (but not too oaky) Chardonnay.

Score: 7.5/10 – Very Good