Traditional Cider Review: Citizen Cider Wit’s Up

Traditional Cider reviews are dedicated to the ciders that are made with 100% apples.

Cidery: Citizen Cider (Middlebury, Vermont)
Cider: Wit’s Up
Serving: 22 oz bottles & 16oz. Cans
Style: Traditional Cider
Availability: Year-round (Limited Distribution)

I’ve noticed Citizen Cider popping up in the Chicago area, and I was intrigued by IMG_2393 (2)Wit’s Up when I saw it on the menu at State & Lake in downtown Chicago. The cider is marketed as “start[ing] like an ale and finish[ing] like a cider.” The cider is fermented with a Belgian Wit yeast and malolactic cultures. The cider reminds me of a dry apple lambic, but I did notice differences between in bottle and the can. The cider in the can was a bit more crisp and bright than the cider in the bottle. And while both were good I recommend the can.

Tasting Notes

Golden wheat color with light effervescence. Dry apple flavors with sweet yeast undertones. The yeast provides slight funkiness and sourness, but does not overpower. The cider has aromas of apples and bright citrus from the yeast. A light, bright apple flavor lingers on the palette making this cider a pleasant drinker.

Wine Lovers — Why Drink It?

Wit’s Up will likely be a crowd pleaser and is similar to a Reserva or Gran Reserva Cava. These Cavas (Spanish sparkling wines) have both aromas and flavors of  citrus and crisp apple both of which are characteristic of the Wit’s Up.

Score: 8.0/10 – Very Good