Second Annual Chicago Cider Week: Recap

A few weeks ago was the Second Annual Chicago Cider Week. This amazing event celebrated all things cider throughout Chicago. There were way too many events to recap/attend, so here are some of our highlights.


The Northman kicked off the event with Cider School featuring Angry Orchard (check out our summary here.)


The following day we attended the Cider Education Series on Tuesday night, with Charles McGonegal, of AeppelTreow winery, and Darlene Hayes, author of “Cider Cocktails – Another Bite of the Apple.”

Charles took us through a tasting of several different ciders and perrys, including some of AeppelTreow’s own. The session allowed us to sample several different styles including low acid and low tannic cider; smokey, sour sidra; semi-sweet sparkling perry; and fortified apple port and apple brandy.

Darlene took us across the Atlantic to Germany and we had the opportunity to taste a plethora of German and German-style ciders. A few of those ciders highlighted the Speierling apple. The juice of this apple is extremely tannin-rich which often produces tart and slightly tannic cider, which is considered a specialty in the Frankfurt area.

The Echter Speireling Apfelwein was sour with low tannins, low acidity, and dank flavors.

The Weidmann & Groh 2014 Speierling had a sweeter nose with less sour notes and slightly more tannic resulting in a drying sensation on the upper pallet.

The American Speierling from Tilted Shed was walnut-line, with blackberry and sour apple flavors which lingered a bit on the back of the pallet.


The Ireland & UK Karaoke Competition raised over $500 for the Helen David Relief Fund, an organization which assists women in the bar industry who are fighting breast cancer.


Stem Cider brought cider to the southside at Open Outcry Brewing Company complete with an air guitar competition.



The Chicago Cider Week events all led up to the Chicago Cider Summit (which we will summarize in our next post.)

All in all, we had an amazing time, met and reconnected with some wonderful people, and partook in a variety of ciders. Can’t wait to do it all over again for Chicago Cider Week 2019!