Holiday Gifts for Cider Lovers

As the cider market has continued to have explosive growth (thanks in part to Rose) unique gifts for cider lovers have cropped up.

Here are a few of our favorites for 2018.

Bitter Pops 12 Days of Cider Gift Box features 12 beautiful ciders that you can enjoy each day starting on Christmas Day.


The Bitter Pops Twelve Days of Cider Box surprises you with not only a cider a day but a suggested fun activity to enjoy with a loved one. There are also randomly placed Golden Tickets, giving each individual an opportunity to WIN a cider experience provided by one of the participating Cideries!

The Original Cider Tasting Mug

We love this ceramic mug Cider Mug. The wide mouth and tapered neck help concentrate aromas while the ceramic body insulates the cider keeping it cooler longer. With opaque white walls, the Cider Mug allows you to evaluate the cider’s true color and clarity.


Glass Porrón Wine Pitcher

Instead of just perfecting your long-pour technique into a glass, try pouring cider directly into your mouth. This Spanish drinking vessel, which typically holds 750 mL, is great for sharing Sidra at any party.