Fruity Cider Review: Tieton Cider Works Apricot

Fruity Cider reviews are dedicated to the fruit cider combinations that go beyond apple and pear.
TCW-001 Bottle_APRICOT CIDER_FTieton Cider Works Apricot blends apples with apricot to produce a well-balanced semi-dry cider

Tieton Cider Works; Yakima, WA
  Cider: Apricot
  Serving: 500 mL bottle
  Alcohol Content: 6.9 % ABV
  Style: Fruity Cider
This cider has a deep burnt sienna color with very slight bubbles that quickly settle after pouring.
Aromas of apple and dried apricot are dominant in this cider followed by light floral undertones.
This semi-dry cider is well-blended successfully marrying the tart, crisp acidic apple taste with the fruity apricot flavors. The cider has a clean apple taste to start followed by a light apricot aftertaste. Neither fruit overpowers the other providing a balanced acidity and a smooth, but slightly drying, finish.
Light body with a slightly drying finish.
Wine Lovers: Why Drink It?
This very enjoyable cider is similar to Viognier which has distinct aromas of peaches, apricots, and violets and rich stone fruit flavors. And, like Viognier, this cider pairs well with curry and spicy flavors such as those found in Thai cuisine.
Score:  9/10 – Exceptional