Fruity Cider Review: Stone & Key Cellar Cherry Pie

Fruity Cider reviews are dedicated to the fruit cider combinations that go beyond apple and pear.
Cidery: Stone & Key Cellars(Montgomeryville, PA)CHvLWZkUMAAeVnz
Cider: Cherry Pie Apple Cider
Serving: 64oz Growler
Style: Fruity Cider
Availability: Year-round
A few weeks ago I was in Philadelphia for a conference. I love when I get a chance to go to conferences outside of Chicago because I usually get to try ciders not found in the Midwest. I had an opportunity to try Stone & Key Cellar Cherry Pie at City Tap House Logan. (I also had a great conversation with the general manager!)
I was worried this cider might be a bit sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had a friend with me who really dislikes sweet drinks and this cider met her approval. The cider base, a blend of up to 17 apple varieties from Solebury Orchards, is combined with tart cherries and a bit a spice. As promised in the name it reminded me of drinking a slightly sweetened cherry apple pie.
Tasting Notes
Deep ruby red color with slight bubbles. Aromas of spice and apple are prominent. The flavors include tart cider apples, semi-sweet cherries and pie spices with the cherry and apple being the most notable. While the cider is off dry there cherries provide a bit of pleasant sweetness.
Wine Lovers — Why Drink It?
For wine lovers who enjoy Syrah Rosé they will enjoy this cider.  The flavor profile of the Cherry Pie cider is similar to the cherry and stone fruit flavors found in the Syrah Rosé. This cider can become a Rosé alternative for those warm summer days.
Score: 9/10 – Exceptional

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