Fruity Cider Review: Original Sin Elderberry Cider

Fruity Cider reviews are dedicated to the fruit cider combinations that go beyond apple and pear.

Cidery: Original Sin (New York,NY)CH5a-hOVEAAVxSN
Cider: Elderberry Cider
Serving: 12 oz bottles
Style: Fruity Cider

Availability: Year-round

Cider and Pizza. Always a great combination! And Original Sin Elderberry Cider with Parlor Pizza food did not disappoint. The addition of elderberries to ciders seems to be coming in to style with cider makers. Raw elderberries have a bitter and tart taste, when processed the berries develop a sweet, juicy and ripe flavor. However, when elderberries are added to cider often this juicy ripe flavor is missing and the overall flavor is too light. That is not a problem with this cider.

We’ve already raved about Original Sin Cherry Tree Hard Cider and the Elderberry cider does not disappoint. Original Sin has been very successful in preserving the flavors of the apples and other fruits without either being over (or under) whelming.

Tasting Notes

Very deep purple color with slight bubbles. Berry and apple aromas co-mingle with flavors very similar to the aroma. A bit more elderberry flavor than apple produces a juicy semi-sweet cider.

Wine Lovers — Why Drink It?

For wine lovers who enjoy Bobal, a spanish red wine, will enjoy this cider. Bobal, which is a rare find in the US, had a deep opaque purple color with black fruit flavors. While the cider does not have the tannins of Bobal it still has the complexity.

Score: 8/10 – Very Good