Dry Cider January 2020 Pt. 2

The American Cider Association launched a month-long campaign called “Dry Cider January” to promote ciders containing 0 grams of sugar.

Alcohol is created when yeast converts sugar into alcohol through fermentation. A cider that contains no residual sugar has been fermented to absolute dryness. Sometimes cidermakers will blend a completely dry cider with fresh juice for acid/sugar balance, but other times they leave the cider entirely dry. These dry ciders are what the association is listing on their website for the campaign.

“The brain has a hard time distinguishing fruity from sweet. Many ciders with absolutely no sugar in them can still be fruit-forward,” explained the association’s executive director, Michelle McGrath. “You’ll find there are a multitude of dry ciders available when you start seeking them,” she added.

In alphabetical order, here is part 2 of some of the dry ciders we have tasted over the years.

Courtesy of ANXO Cidery

Anxo “Rose” red-fleshed apples impart radiant color and red fruit notes in this Rosé blended with GoldRush.

Courtesy of St. Vrain Cidery

St. Vrain Cidery “Dry Apple” – serves as the base for all of St. Vrain’s ciders. The dry cider has balanced sweet-tart flavor and the use of Winesap add characteristics that are reminiscent of an off-dry wine with a clean, crisp finish.

Courtesy of South Hill Cider

South Hill Cider “Soundpost Cider” – A dry blend English bittersweet apples and aged in mature bourbon barrels. Astringent with a bourbon finish and medium tannin.

Courtesy of Stem Ciders

Stem Ciders “Raspberry” – A tart and fruit-forward flavor that reminds you of biting into fresh raspberries. Dry on the palate and a clean finish.

Courtesy of Tandem Ciders

Tandem Ciders “Crabster” is a dry cider made from six apples including Cortland, Northern Spy, MacIntosh, Liberty, Red Crabs and Wild Apples. The result is crisp, tart, and dry.

Courtesy of Vander Mill

Vander Mill “Dry” is made from a variety of apples including: Winesap, Baldwin, Northern Spy, and Jonathan. The driness enhances the clean fruit flavor.