Cider Maker Series: Mission-Trail

As part of our cider maker series, we highlight some of the smaller or more unique US cider makers. 

Is spring here to stay? Our flowers say “Yay!” but the freak Chicago snowstorm says “who knows?” But to welcome the warm weather we enjoyed Mission-Trail “Plum Lovin’ Criminals” – made with 100% white plum, dry, tart flavors with hints of tropical fruit.

We visited Mission Trail, who produces jerkum – a fermented stone fruit beverage – during our trip to Cali in November. Brothers Monte and Victor produce their jerkums and ciders once per year with fruit cold-pressed directly from the orchard located in California’s Central Coast. The Mission-Trail Ranches homestead is a sprawling ranch nestled in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains just over the Coast Range from Big Sur.

The brothers entered the market in August 2014 with the release of their Sparkling Heirloom Cider, Followed by 100% California Plum Jerkum. From the care put into their products, it is clear that growing up in the wine industry has had an influence on them.

“Dryhard Gold” – Crisp, clean expression of the classic cider apple Newtown Pippin
“Plum Jerkum” – Rich and tart plum flavors with a balanced acidity. Great to enjoy with food.

And while it is great to visit California it’s nice to know that we can get Mission Trail’s products shipped directly to our door. 😊

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