Fruity Cider Review: Original Sin’s Cherry Tree Hard Cider

Fruity Cider reviews are dedicated to the fruit cider combinations that go beyond apple and pear.

Original Sin’s Heirloom Series – Cherry Tree Hard Cider  is a heirloom apple and tart cherry blend produces a cider that is truly reminiscent of a wine.1Page11x17

Cidery: Original Sin Hard Cider; New York, NY
Cider: Heirloom Series – Cherry Tree Hard Cider
Serving: 12-oz bottles
Information: 6.7 % ABV
Style: Fruity Cider


The tart cherries provide this cider with a vibrant ruby red color. The champagne yeast adds slight bubbles that disappear soon after pouring.


The cider has a pleasantly funky aroma. Slight notes of cherries and apples can be detected.


If your eyes were closed you might swear you were drinking a rosé wine. The use of heirloom apples and tart cherries gives this cider a unique complexity. The apple flavor is mild and brisk and complements the sharp notes of the cherry. The lower sugar content of both fruits produces an off-dry cider with slight acidity and a fermented aftertaste.


Medium body, slightly sour and dynamic causing you to pucker just a bit; light carbonation and fermented aftertaste.

Wine Lovers: Why Drink It?

If you love medium or full body rosés (and I do) then you will find this cider very pleasing. Highly drinkable and can be easily paired with a rich cheesy dish or a nice lobster risotto.

Score:  8.5/10 – Exceptional