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Cider Soms has been an idea that we have had for the past several years and we welcome you to our blog. In addition to cider reviews this blog also has what we find cool about ciders and cider makers as well as events and food pairings.

Our love for cider started one warm summer day in 2006. We are die hard wine lovers and were invited to an outdoor concert with some of Malaika’s new co-workers. We are typically not beer drinkers (one of our favorites is Not Your Father’s Root Beer) and not knowing how many people would be there we decided against bringing wine. Sean instead suggested cider, something he had seen in the store the day before. Neither of us had tasted it, but we knew it wasn’t beer so we decided to give it a try. That summer day we fell in love with Woodchuck Amber Cider, which became our go to cider for years to come.

Ciders and wines have many similarities; however most people have the perception that ciders are an alternative to beer. As a result, most wine drinkers haven’t experienced the different ciders the world has to offer.

Since first discovering cider the number of commercially available ciders has continued to grow, providing us with more opportunities to introduce to wine lovers to the world of ciders. Cider Soms blogs about ciders in a way that represents ciders in not only a fun way but also uncovers and explains the complexities of ciders.
– Malaika and Sean

Cider Spotlight

3rd Annual Virtue Cider Stone Fence Competition & Mitten Drive

On January 29 Virtue Cider will be hosting their 3rd Annual Stone Fence Competition & Mitten Drive. The Stone Fence Cocktail Competition brings together a dozen of Chicago’s top bartenders to compete


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